Monday, March 30, 2009


“The world is enchanted.
Lean closer to see it.”
—Aaron Niequist, “Enchanted”

I have been thinking a lot about imagination, and in particular finding extraordinary moments in the ordinary things of everyday life. I want to believe that just below the surface of things there is a glory, an enchanted beauty that sparks and flames if only I have eyes to see. Sometimes in the midst of routines, doing dishes, picking up laundry, and driving through the eternal mud of an Edmonton spring, I wonder about that. But if I can’t believe in that kind of everyday beauty, how can I believe in grace, in hope, in new life, in all the things that make my faith live?

So I decided to do a little experiment. To walk not more than 10 feet from my house and see if I could, by looking closer, find something glorious in the everyday sights of my front yard. And here are the results.

Tree with Berries

Muddy Road

Pine Tree

I think the world is enchanted. And if I lean closer to see it, I find God is everywhere. Even in the winter same-ness of my own front yard.


Wenda said...

You are right. It is all holy.

Natalie Hart said...

(Yes, I'm reading this two weeks after you wrote it.) This is how I always feel after reading L.M. Montgomery. So many of her highly imaginative young heroines see the world with such wonder and making ordinary things extraordinary and giving them cool names. I love the idea of really looking at things that are around all the time and really seeing them. People are like that, too. Some person you're with all the time and then one day you truly *see* them and they are way more than what you thought.

Rebecca Warren said...

That's beautiful Natalie... and I totally know what you mean. I figure also that living in Edmonton you need to have some imagination when all you see is snow for months on end!!