Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wheels That Shout

I think a greater measure of a community comes not through the words it speaks or even the rules it upholds, but through its actions. We can say all we want about caring for each other, about loving one another as Christ loved us. But the true test comes in what we do. Are we so worried about our own individual list of rules that we spend all our energy and time trying to fulfill them? Or do we live with a certain kind of open-handed generosity towards ourselves and others, trusting that if we live truthfully and sincerely within community, God can and will make himself known among us? And more than that, when God does make himself known, we will have the grace to recognize it?

This week as I am alone with the kids, our car decided to breathe its last breath. And even before I had time to think about what I was going to do, a string of people lined up to offer rides, cars, money. In a long line of cars at my front door, I see in a very real way the love of family and friends. And every evidence of that kind of love is evidence I use to construct a picture of the love of God, a picture that grows clearer and easier to trust with every act of grace I receive.

Actions definitely speak louder than words. And really, when you consider the truth of grace, the depths of love, why not take your actions and shout for all you’re worth?


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Lorraine said...

what, you got the lottery numbers and you removed them?! LOL.

not to be nit-picking, but wouldn't that be at your "back" door?! as I recall, there's nowhere to park in the front.

Natalie said...

Phil says he wants royalties for the picture of his car that appears on your blog. He's all about community, that one.